University Seminar: Logic Across Disciplines-Quantum Algorithms on a Programmable Trapped-Ion Quantum Computer

Time: Monday, April 12, 3:45-5:00PM

Place: zoom

Speaker:  Alaina Green, Joint Quantum Institute and University of Maryland


Title: Quantum Algorithms on a Programmable Trapped-Ion Quantum Computer

Abstract: With working prototypes available today, quantum computing remains a promising paradigm for solving difficult problems with greater efficiency than classical computers. In this talk I will briefly contrast the main idea of quantum computing to that of classical computing and outline the history of the first proposed quantum algorithms. Next I will discuss the implementation of simple quantum algorithms on our prototype trapped-ion quantum computer, beginning with a description of the physical hardware and describing the experimental controls used to execute quantum logic gates and thereby operate a programmable quantum computer [1]. Finally, I will provide an overview of the recent growth in algorithm design driven by the availability of working prototypes such as ours and provide a sampling of experimental results produced by these quantum algorithms.

[1] S. Debnath et al., Nature 563:63 (2016)


Bio: Alaina Green is Postdoctoral Fellow at The Joint Quantum Institute and University of Maryland. After earning a PhD at the University of Washington for the study of ultracold quantum gases, she joined the group of Norbert M. Linke in 2020, using her expertise in atomic physics to lead experimental research on quantum algorithms and quantum simulation on the group's trapped-ion quantum computing prototype.




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