Graduate Resources & Forms


With departmental advisors, students should formulate a long-term plan to satisfy course and exam requirements. Students should consult with their advisor each semester to select courses for the upcoming semester.

Advisors can help students adapt to and succeed in the graduate program. For PhD students, it is especially important to pay attention from the beginning of your graduate career to possible areas in which to write your dissertation. Students should discuss interests and ideas with their advisors; if feasible, students may pursue some initial research projects.

As much as possible, the assignment of students to initial advisors is based on common mathematical interests. As changes in interests or other circumstances warrant, students may, with the consent of the new advisor, change initial advisors. 

Before classes start, each new graduate student is also paired with an advanced student who serves as a peer advisor. Peer advisors can help answer questions about the program and offer available resources. Peer advisors can also advise new students as they adjust to the pace and demands of graduate work and (if applicable) teaching assistant duties.

Graduate Advisors


Seminars and Colloquia

The department’s weekly research seminars are a great way for students to explore current research in their areas of interest and even get ideas for their own future projects. Seminars and colloquia are also an opportunity to network with researchers from other institutions; students are always invited to join faculty for lunch with speakers.

Upcoming Seminars and Colloquia


Course Rotation Plan

View the Course Rotation Plan to see course offerings in Mathematics for the next several years. The internal planning document is used to help with the department’s long-term scheduling, but students may view it as they plan their courses of study. 

Course Rotation Plan (PDF)

Financial Resources

Rodica Simion Memorial Fund

The endowed fund in memory of Rodica Simion (1955–2000) was established in 2000 to support graduate student research in mathematics. The memorial fund allows the Department of Mathematics to take on special projects that are in harmony with Simion’s exemplary work with graduate students. This fund is a permanent means of supporting activities to enhance the mathematical research environment for graduate students at GW.

Simion freely shared her infectious enthusiasm for mathematics, her broad and deep knowledge of the subject, her probing questions and her insight. She was a wonderful role model; she excelled in everything, with outstanding research, inspiring teaching and generous service to all.

The Rodica Simion Memorial Fund has helped many graduate students participate in conferences over the years. The growing fund also supports visiting lecturers who interact with GW graduate students, and provides fellowships for our most promising graduate students to conduct research outside of typical teaching assistantship duties.


Graduate Student Prizes

Graduate Student Teaching Award
The Mathematics Department recognizes one outstanding graduate student each year for their contributions as a teaching assistant.

James H. Taylor Graduate Mathematics Prize
Awarded to an outstanding mathematics graduate student. The fund for the prize was established in memory of J.H. Taylor, who was a mathematics professor and then professor emeritus from 1929 until his death in 1972.

Marvin Green Prize
The Marvin Green Prize is awarded to an outstanding graduate or undergraduate student who has made significant use of computing in his or her work.

Past Winners

Graduate Student Teaching Award

2023: Wangbo Luo

2022: Jingjing Xu

2021: Hyunjung Choi and Kevin Long

2020: Jiayuan Wang

2019: Rhea Palak Bakshi

2018: Anudeep Kumar and Iva Bilanovic

2017: Chong Wang and Trang Ha

2016: Lara El-Sherif and Hakim Walker

2015: David Shoup

The James J. Taylor Graduate Mathematics Prize

2024: Conglong Xu, Philip White

2023: Wangbo Luo and Keshav Srinivasan

2022: Gabriel Montoya Vega and Guanning Zhang

2021: Dionne Kunkel

2020: Rhea Palak Bakshi, Pavel Avdeev

2019: Iva Bilanovic

2018: Sujoy Mukherjee and Kai Yang

2017: Xiao Wang

2016: Chong Wang

2015: Seung Yeop Yang

2014: Leah Marshall

2013: Carl Hammarsten, Jing Wang

2012: Kai Maeda, Tyler White

2011: ---

2010: Forrest Fisher, Michael Coleman

2009: Radmila Sazdanovic

2008: Jennifer Chubb, Hillary Einziger

2007: Kerry Luse, Maciej Niebrzydowski

2006: Malgorzata Dabkowska

2005: Eric Ufferman

2004: Laure Helme-Guizon

2003: Amir Togha

2002: Mietek Dabkowski

2001: Rumen Dimitrov

2000: Maxim Sokolov

1999: Hongxun Qin

1998: William Collier

1997: Jun Zhang

1996: Adam Sikora

1995: William Miller

1994: Qing Shen

1993: ---

1992: Sita Ramamurti

1991: Gary Schwartz

1990: Uma Shivapuram

1989: ---

1988: Claire Hackett

1987: Hassan Sedaghat

1986: Karma Dajani

1983: Karma Dajani

1978: John Petro

1977: Thomas J. Carter

Marvin Green Prize

See past Marvin Green Prize winners on the Undergraduate Student Resources page.

Academic and Professional Resources



All forms should be completed by the student, in consultation with the student's advisor, and submitted to the Mathematics Department Graduate Committee, which will, if necessary, forward it to the appropriate administrative office (CCAS, Registrar, etc.). If you would like to request an accessible version of any of the documents listed, please let us know.

For All Graduate Students

For PhD Students

Available on the CCAS Graduate Student Forms Page

  • Transfer Credit Form
    Used to request credit for previously completed courses to be transferred into the program
  • Course Registration
    There are two Registration Transaction Forms, the first (RTF) for situations that require CCAS approval, and the second (RTF-EZ) for situations that do not. The RTF-EZ Form should be used for registration that requires only department/instructor approval (e.g., registering into a closed course, waiving a prerequisite, etc.).
  • Petition to Take an Undergraduate Course (for Graduate Credit)
  • Petition to Take a Course Outside the Mathematics Department
  • Petition to Take a Consortium Course
  • Application for Graduation
    Must be submitted in advance of the application deadline for that semester

There are other forms available on the CCAS Graduate Student Forms page and also at the GW Registrar. Note that all forms should be submitted to the Mathematics Department Graduate Committee.