Calculus Lab Tutoring

The Calculus Lab is a free tutoring center for GW students who need additional help in their calculus courses. The goal of the lab is to improve the overall academic performance of calculus students at GW. The Calculus Lab is operated by the Department of Mathematics and staffed by tutors who are graduate students in math. 

The Calculus Lab is only available for students in specified courses: MATH 1220: Calculus with Precalculus I, MATH 1231: Single-Variable Calculus I, MATH 1232: Single-Variable Calculus II and MATH 2233: Multivariable Calculus.

As before, it is a walk-in Calculus clinic held Monday through Thursday at 5-7pm. No appointment is needed for visiting the lab.  Please visit the following link:

Calculus Lab, Department of Mathematics Link

Tutoring Session Guidance

Before visiting the Calculus Lab, please seek help from your professor or teaching assistant first by going to their office hours. They are your best resource for getting assistance with your specific course and can offer more individualized attention. If you still need help after seeing them (or are unable to meet with them), then come to the lab.


  • Prepare specific questions/topics that you would like to discuss with the tutors, so that you’re ready to work with them as soon as you arrive. Please do not come to the lab to begin studying/working on homework without specific questions prepared for the tutors! Our space is limited, and it is unfair to other students who have questions ready from the start. If you need a space to work on problems independently and come up with questions before meeting with a tutor, you may use other available classrooms in the building.
  • Bring all necessary materials with you, including pens/pencils, paper, notes/notebooks, textbooks, calculators, laptops/tablets, etc. The tutors may or may not have these materials for you, so please come prepared.