University Seminar: Logic Across Disciplines-The Algorithmic Complexity of Detecting Group Properties

Title:  The Algorithmic Complexity of Detecting Group Properties
Speaker:   Iva Bilanovic, GWU, GWU
Date and Time:  Friday, September 28 2018, 01:00pm-02:00pm
Place: Rome Hall (801 22nd Street), Room 771

Abstract: We consider the question: from a “nice” description of a group, can we detect whether or not it has some property of interest? Our nice descriptions will be recursive presentations and computable atomic diagrams. We show that for classes of groups with such descriptions, the detection of a Markov property is not computable. Then we look at some specific properties of high computability theoretic complexity. This will be a more technical continuation of my previous talk, but all necessary background material will be presented.