Undergraduate Student Seminar-Characterizing 3-Break Genome Rearrangements

Senior Honors Thesis in Mathematics
Speaker: Margaret C. Steiner
Date and Time: Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 2-3pm
Place: Rome 206
Title: Characterizing 3-Break Genome Rearrangements
Genome rearrangements are genomic mutations causing a major change in chromosome structure. These events can be modeled as sequences of k-break operations on structures known as breakpoint graphs, which represent the structural differences between two genomes. Currently, 2-breaks on circular and linear chromosomes and 3-breaks on circular chromosomes are well characterized. Here, I will present work on the topic of 3-break operations in genomes containing both circular and linear chromosomes, specifically in developing a simulation to determine all possible outcomes of such operations.  These results will provide insight towards proving a 3-break distance theorem.
Advisor: Max Alekseyev, PhD