Topology Seminar- New Khovanov homotopy types

Title: New Khovanov homotopy types
Speaker:   Marithania Silvero (University of Barcelona)
Date and Time: Tuesday, March 20, 6:45pm-7:45pm
Place: Rome 730

Abstract:  Khovanov homology is a link invariant introduced by Mikhail Khovanov in 1999 as a categorification of Jones polynomial, and nicely reinterpreted by Viro in terms of Kauffman states. While conceptually simple, this definition becomes impractical when increasing the number of crossings of a link diagram.

In this talk we present two alternative approaches to extreme and almost-extreme Khovanov homology. Moreover, we compare them with the Khovanov homotopy type constructed by Lipshitz and Sarkar and show some explicit examples.