Logic Seminar-Generically and coarsely computable isomorphisms

Time: Thursday, November 4, 4:30-5:30PM

Place: zoom

Speaker: Valentina Harizanov, GWU

Title: Generically and coarsely computable isomorphisms

Abstract: Inspired by the study of generic and coarse computability of sets, based on the notion of asymptotic density and introduced in computability theory by C. Jockusch and P. Schupp, our goal is to extend such investigation to the context of computable model theory. We have recently introduced and studied the notions of generically and coarsely computable structures and their generalizations. We further consider the notions of generically and coarsely computable isomorphisms and their weaker variants. We demonstrate that each notion of a generically or a coarsely computable isomorphism gives an interesting insight into the structures we consider.

This is joint work with Wesley Calvert and Doug Cenzer.