GW Mathematics Placement Test


Math Placement Test for Calculus I- Math 1231

For the spring 2017 semester, we will be using ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces) for calculus placement (see more info at This test will be administered on the first day of classes to all students registered in Math 1231. Those students who do not pass the placement test will be provided remediation material so they can review and then retake the test. The professor in charge of Math 1231 will contact all students registered in this course before the start of the semester.

Note that the math placement test does not assess calculus knowledge, but rather readiness to start calculus I. Topics covered on the test include algebra and trigonometry.

No placement test is needed for students intending to take non-calculus courses such as Mathematical Ideas I, II (Math 1009 or 1010), Mathematics and Politics (Math 1007), or Dean's Seminars (Math 1000).