GW Mathematics Placement Test

The mathematics placement test, which is administered by the department, is a tool to help you find the math course most appropriate for your level of preparation. Your score on the test provides you with advice on what courses to take (or not to take), but does not in any way guarantee success in those courses.

The placement test should be taken by all first-year students intending to take an introductory calculus-based course (such as Math 1220, 1231, or 1252 ) or the Finite Mathematics for the Social and Management Sciences course (Math 1051). However, in some cases AP test scores or SAT II sores may be substituted for the Placement Test (see the table). This test is unnecessary for students intending to take only such courses as Mathematical Ideas I, II (Math 1009 or 1010), Mathematics and Politics (Math 7), or Dean's Seminars (Math 0801). For an overview of math requirements for various GW undergraduate programs, visit the "Choosing the Appropriate Intro Math Class" page. 

Note that the test does not assess calculus knowledge, but rather readiness to enter the courses mentioned above. (Topics covered on the test include algebra and trigonometry.) In particular, the test does not help students decide whether to elect Calculus I, Calculus II, or Multivariable Calculus. To get advice with such questions, consult a math department advisor.

Access the mathematics placement test.