GW Mathematics Placement Test

Starting with the fall 2017 semester, we are using the online placement system ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces, in order to place students in appropriate mathematics classes. This test is mandatory for everyone who wishes to register for Econ 1001, 1011, Math 1051, 1220, 1231 or 1252. 

The minimum ALEKS placement scores are below

  o   ECON 1011: Minimum ALEKS test score of 61

o   MATH 1051: Minimum ALEKS test score of 61

o   MATH 1220: Minimum ALEKS test score of 61

o   MATH 1231: Minimum ALEKS test score of 76

o   MATH 1252: Minimum ALEKS test score of 61

Students who are registered for any of these courses must receive the minimum score on the ALEKS math placement test by August 19, 2019  or they will be dropped from the course.

The placement test is now available. Students who do not earn the minimum test score may use the remediation modules provided with ALEKS to improve their background knowledge, and then retake the test. ALEKS allows multiple attempts at the placement test.  All remediation must be completed prior to August 19, 2019 .

To take the ALEKS placement test visit:

Note that this math placement test does not assess calculus knowledge, but rather readiness to start mathematics courses at the university. Topics covered on the placement test include algebra and trigonometry.

No placement test is needed for students intending to take introductory courses such as Mathematical Ideas I, II (Math 1009 or 1010), Mathematics and Politics (Math 1007), or Dean's Seminars (Math 1000). 


If you have questions or concerns about your ALEKS placement and how this could affect your course schedule, please contact your academic advisor. Please see your home school advising office contact information below:



If you experience problems with ALEKS, please contact Professor Murli Gupta at [email protected]