Graduate Student Seminar-Multiplying fractions on a T-shirt

Title - Multiplying fractions on a T-shirt
Speaker: Rhea Palak Bakshi, GWU
Date and Time: Monday, March 5, 2:30-3:30pm
Place: Rome 204
Abstract - In 1987 Józef Przytycki introduced Skein Modules as a way to extend the knot polynomials of the 1980's to knots and links in arbitrary 3-manifolds. Since their introduction Skein Modules have become central to the theory of 3-manifolds. In 1997, Charles Frohman and Razvan Gelca gave a nice product-to-sum formula for the Kauffman Bracket Skein Algebra of the torus times the interval. We try to discover a similar formula for the multiplication of curves on a thickened T-shirt.