Dynamical Systems Seminar-See Abstract

TitleSee abstract below
Speaker: Robbie Robinson & possibly some participants
Date and Time: Friday, November 30, 9:00–10:15am
Place: Phillips 736

Abstract: Presentations by participants:

Hana Jang: The Markov partition for a hyperbolic total automorphism.
Jingyi Xiao: The Lagrange theorem that quadratic irrationals have eventually periodic continued fractions and its proof.
Ziqi Xu: The Riemann mapping theorem and its proof.
Guanning Zhang: The Gauss-Bonnet theorem for hyperbolic triangles and its proof.
Josh Sparks: The construction of a hyperbolic octagon, its Fuchsian group (of reflections across edges), and the corresponding hyperbolic genus 2 surface.
Colin Walker: Coudene’s proof that the geodesic flow on a compact space is uniquely ergodic.