Dynamical Systems Seminar- On Penrose tilings and tiling dynamical systems: II

Title: On Penrose tilings and tiling dynamical systems: II

Speaker: Robbie Robinson
Date and time: Friday, February 1, 9-10:15am
Place: Phillips736

Abstract: Continuation of series of talks in which I present the ideas about Penrose tilings due to Penrose, de Bruijn, and Conway, as well as some of my own work on Penrose dynamics. These lectures are based on a series of lectures I gave about 20 years ago at Tsuda College in Tokyo. But work on aperiodic tilings and quasicrystals continues to be active research area under the title of “Aperiodic Order”. Later in the semester, the topic will switch to conformal geometry of billiards As in the Fall, the seminar will feature talks by participants as well as several outside speakers. For more information, see https://blogs.gwu.edu/robinson/2019/01/18/dynamical-systems-seminar-spring-2019/