Colloquium-Hacking the Turing Test

Title: Hacking the Turing Test

Speaker:  Vladimir Veselov, PhD

Date and Time: Friday, November 3, 1:00-2:00pm
Place: Rome 204

Abstract :  In 2001, our team developed a chatbot, named Eugene Goostman. In 2014, Eugene Goostman chatbot passed the Turing test.  Design, functionality, and limitations of the chatbot will be presented and discussed.

Bio: Vladimir Veselov graduated from Mozhaisky Military Space Engineering Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia. He specializes in artificial intelligence, software development, and automated control systems for space vehicles. He worked for Russian Military Space Forces, Artificial Life, EPAM, Johnson & Johnson. He is the author of Eugene Goostman chatbot that passed the Turing Test in 2014. Veselov currently works as a Sr. Software Developer in IT Security.