Colloquium-Examples of Linear Algebra over Division Algebras

Title: Examples of Linear Algebra over Division Algebras 

Speaker:  Salahoddin Shokranian, University of Brasilia

Date and Time: Friday, January 27, 1:00-2:00pm

Place: Rome 204

Abstract: Matrices over some division algebras are considered. In the case of finite fields, applications are in coding theory, and in the case of non­‐commutative division algebras, Hermitian matrices over quaternions provide examples toward geometry of such matrices and analysis.  

Short Bio: Salahoddin Shokranian has studied mathematics, graduate level, at  the University of California, Berkeley where he did his Ph.D. in automorphic forms. He moved to Brasilia since then, working at the University of Brasilia where he is to be retired. He has been visitor to several research institutes such as the Institute for Advanced Study, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Max-Planck  Institute for Mathematics and worked at the Universities of  Purdue, Toronto and Yale. He has lectured at many universities and research centers. He  likes to write books;  on linear algebra, number theory, modular forms, cryptography and history of modern number theory. Some of them have already been republished or reprinted