Speaker: Brigitte Servatius, Mathematical Sciences, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Title: Parallel parking in the Euclidean plane
Abstract: The website contains hints on how to parallel park such as: don't get too close or you might scratch the other car; if your rear tire hits the curb, you've gone too far. It is mentioned that even the most gifted and seasoned parallel parkers do this - often. The mathematician sees opportunity here to describe theory of practical value.

Short bio: Brigitte Servatius earned her Master's in Physics and Mathematics from Universitaet Graz, Austria, and her PhD from Syracuse University; her advisor was Jack Graver advisor, and her thesis was on planar rigidity.  She is currently Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  She is an editor for the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, the College Mathematics Journal, and Ars Mathematica Contemporanea.  Her current research interests include Combinatorial Rigidity, Incidence Geometries, and Combinatorial (and real) Zeolites.

This talk will be accessible to math majors.