Colloqiuim-Parametrization of simple closed curves on surfaces.

Title: Parametrization of simple closed curves on surfaces.

Speaker:  Joanna Kania-Bartoszynska, NSF

Date and Time: Friday November 30, 2:00-3:00pm
Place: Rome 206

Abstract : A finite type surface is a closed oriented surfaces with a number of points (possibly none) removed. A diagram on a finite type surface is a collection of disjoint simple closed curves embedded on a surface with none of them bounding a disk. We describe how to create coordinate systems that parametrize such diagrams. For punctured surfaces we use ideal triangulations, and for closed surfaces pants decomposition are used.

Short bio: Received Master's in Mathematics from Warsaw University in 1982, PhD from University of California, Berkeley (advisor R. Kirby) in 1991. Worked at Boise State University from 1991 till 2005 moving in the ranks from Assistant to Full Professor. Held visiting positions at the University of Iowa and College of Staten Island (CUNY). Since 2003 works at the National Science Foundation, first as a rotator and from 2005 as a permanent program director in the Division of Mathematical Sciences.