Colloqiuim-Knotoids, Virtual Knots and Applications

Opening Talk of Knots in Washington XLV (Dec. 8-10)

Title: Knotoids, Virtual Knots and Applications
Speaker:  Louis Kauffman, Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago

Date and Time: Friday, December 8, 1:00-2:00pm
Place: Rome 204

Abstract :  With Neslihan Gugumcu we study invariants of knotoids (open ended knot diagrams with the endpoints in possibly different regions). These invariants include the bracket polynomial, the Turaev loop bracket polynomial (for planar knotoids), the arrow polynomial and a loop arrow polynomial. We discuss properties of these invariants, and with Dimos Goundaroulis and Sofia Lambropoulou we apply these techniques to the structure of open-ended polymer strings and to protein folding.

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