Applied Math Seminar-Mean-Field Games for Scalable Computation and Diverse Applications

Date and and Time: Friday,  Sep. 30th  , 3:30-4:30 pm

Place: Zoom

Zoom link:

Title: Mean-Field Games for Scalable Computation and Diverse Applications

Speaker(s): Wuchen Li (University of South Carolina, Mathematics)

Abstract: Mean field games (MFGs) study strategic decision-making in large populations where individual players interact via specific mean-field quantities. They have recently gained enormous popularity as powerful research tools with vast applications. For example, the Nash equilibrium of MFGs forms a pair of PDEs, which connects and extends variational optimal transport problems. This talk will present recent progress in this direction, focusing on computational MFG and engineering applications in robotics path planning, pandemics control, and Bayesian/AI sampling algorithms. This is based on joint work with the MURI team led by Stanley Osher (UCLA).