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Undergraduate Math Conference

EXTREME-QED Conference

A regional conference organized by the College of William and Mary, George Mason University, and the George Washington University.


Saturday, April 2, 2016


George Washington University
Hall of Government, Room 101
2115 G Street NW


Maria Emelianenko (GMU), Maria Gualdani (GWU), Yongwu Rong
(GWU), Junping Shi (CWM), and Jeremy Trageser (GWU)

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Keynote Speaker:

Scott Carter
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of South Alabama


Fractal Simplices: A testing ground for higher dimensional data analysis


There are three constructions of which I know that give similar structures in higher dimensions. The first is to consider, for large

a black and white coloring of the multinomial coefficient . Here the point  in k space is colored black if the coefficient is odd. Otherwise, it is colored white. In the second construction, one plays the "chaos game" in the $$k$$-simplex. In the third construction, one considers a Cantor-like construction by removing the middle of an n-simplex recursively. These figures are replete with holes. In this talk, I want to use the figures to formulate a methodology to walk around and project. The resulting 2 and 3-dimensional data will reflect the higher dimensional structure. We ask how much higher dimensional information can be extrapolated.


Scott Carter received his PhD from Yale University in 1982. He has held positions at the University of Texas at Austin, Lake Forest College, Wayne State University, and the University of South Alabama where he has been since 1989. He is the author or coauthor of five books and 70 research articles. His interests include quantum topology and higher dimensional visualizations and knottings. His honored to have collaborated with as many as 17 other authors. This collaborative work is among his most cited work. According to MathSciNet, his works have been cited over 900 times. In addition, his youtube channel has over a million hits. He maintains an unhealthy love for the loud and obnoxious music from his youth.

Career Panelists:
Madeline Main: Senior Analyst at Willis Towers Watson
Jules Kouatchou: Chief Programmer Analyst, SSAI / NASA
Michael Coleman: Research Mathematician, Naval Research Laboratory
Nandini Kannan: Program Director, Statistics Division of Mathematical Sciences,NSF


NSF Grant DMS-1406984 EXTREEMS- QED: GW Mathematics and Statistics Training, Education, & Research (MASTER)
The George Washington University chapter of SIAM