Support the Department of Mathematics

We greatly appreciate the support we receive from our alumni and friends, which allows us to carry out many important projects as part of our commitment to high quality teaching and research. Your support furthers our work to enhance the educational experiences of our undergraduate and graduate students, for instance, by providing conference travel support, and hosting talks and other activities that expose students to the broader mathematical community and help make them part of that community. We are grateful for every contribution, however big or small.
This year, a group of math faculty has volunteered to match any monetary donation to the Math Department during Yongwu Rong's term as chair, up to $1,000. We do welcome your support of this generous pledge. 
Thank you.

You can make your gift to the department in a number of ways:

  • Give securely online.
  • By phone by calling the GW Annual Fund at 1-800-789-2611
  • By mailing your check, made out to The George Washington University and with "Department of Mathematics - XXX" in the memo line (for "XXX" use one of the abbreviations below), to: 

    The George Washington University 
    2033 K Street NW 
    Suite 300 
    Washington, DC 20052

Gift Designations

  • Colloquium and Seminar Speakers (CSS)
  • Rodica Simion Fund for Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience (RSF)
  • Enhancing the Undergraduate Student Experience (USE)
  • General Mathematical Enhancement (GME)

Suggested Levels of Giving

  • MATH Club ($25) - Mathematical Activities True Helpers
  • LEMMA Club ($50) - Legacy to Enhance Manifold Mathematical Activities
  • PROPOSITION Club ($100)
  • CONJECTURE Club ($250)
  • THEOREM Club ($500) - True Heritage to Enrich, Optimize, and ReinforceExperience of Mathematics

*All who become a member of the Theorem Club are invited to join John Conway and his wife on the terrace of their house in France for a glass or two of champagne. (See pictures of the house and terrace) The house is located at the end of the Brittany peninsula. Transportation to the house is not included.