The Rodica Simion Memorial Fund

In Spring 2000, an endowed fund in memory of Rodica Simion (1955-2000) was established at The George Washington University to support graduate student research in mathematics.

Words cannot adequately convey the powerful impact Rodica had on all mathematics graduate students at GW. She freely shared her infectious enthusiasm for mathematics, her broad and deep knowledge of the subject, her probing questions, and her penetrating insight.   This was done in her unique manner, a special blend of encouragement, humor, good cheer, warmth, wisdom, style, class, and joy over the beauty of mathematics. She was a wonderful role model; she excelled in everything, with outstanding research, inspiring teaching, and extremely generous service to all.

While we cannot duplicate Rodica's tremendous impact on our students, the Memorial Fund allows us to take on special projects that are in harmony with her exemplary work with graduate students. This fund is a permanent means of supporting activities to enhance the mathematical research environment for graduate students at GW.

The Memorial Fund has supported the participation of many graduate students in conferences and this use will continue and will increase. Other initiatives we will be able to actualize when the growth of the fund allows for supporting visits to GW by researchers to give series of lectures and to interact with our graduate students; also, we intend to fund research fellowships for our most promising graduate students for research-intensive semesters free of TA duties.