QED Courses Fall 2014: 

Math 4981,Topics on Complex Networks. By Prof. Y. Rong. 

QED Courses Spring 2015: 

Math 4981, Topics in Mathematics: Bioinformatics Algorithms. By Prof. M. Aleksyev
Math 4981, Topics in Mathematics: Wavelets and Fourier Analysis. By Prof. S. Roudenko
Math 3359, Mathematical Modeling. By Prof. M.Gualdani.
QED Courses Fall 2015: 
Math 3553, Intro to Numerical Analysis,  MW 12:45 - 2 pm, by Prof. Y. Zhao
Stat 4197,  Fundamentals-SAS Prog-Data Mgt, R 12:45 - 3:15pm, by TBA. 
Prerequisites: Math Majors taking the  course must both have taken introductory programming and an introductory statistics course and and need instructor permission.
QED Courses Spring 2016:
Csci 4342, Comp Linear Algebra & Appl, F 3:30 - 6pm, by Prof R. Simha. 
Prerequisites: Math and stats majors taking the course must both have taken introductory programming in Java (such as CS-1111) and need instructor permission
More to be announced later.
Stay tuned for the QED courses in Fall 2016 and after!