Knots in Washington Conferences Archives

Spring 2019

Knots in Washington XLVII January 20-21, 2019
George Washington University Washington, DC, United States

The conference will start at 10:00am on Sunday January 20 with the talk by
Charles Frohman (The University of Iowa)
Title: Moduli of Tangle Invariants
Place: (Phillips Hall B156)
Other plenary speakers include:

Stepan Orevkov (University of Toulouse, France)
Adam Saltz (University of Georgia)

Oleg Viro (Stony Brook University)

Alex Chandler (North Carolina State University) ; Distinguished Graduate Student Talk


Spring 2018

Title: On real algebraic knots and links in RP^3

Speaker:  Stepan Orevkov, the University of Toulouse, France

Date and Time: Friday, May 4, 1:00-2:00pm
Place: MPA 310

Abstract :

Knots in Washington XLVI: 70th Birthday of Oleg Viro;

May 4-6, 2018
George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA

Plenary speakers include: 

Johan Björklund (University of Gävle, Sweden)
Ilia Itenberg (Sorbonne University and Ecole Normale Superieure, France)
Viatcheslav Kharlamov (University of Strasbourg and IRMA, France)
Stepan Orevkov (University of Toulouse, France)
Olev Viro (Stony Brook University)