Intermediate Math Courses

The standard three course sequence in calculus is completed with:

  • Math 1232Single Variable Calculus II, and
  • Math 2233Multivariable Calculus.

Math 1232 is a continuation of Math 1231 and it considers calculus of exponential and logarithmic functions, various techniques of integration of single variable functions, and sequences and series. Math 2233 covers differential, integral and vector calculus of functions of several variables. The text for these courses is the same as for Math 1231.

Math majors are encouraged to also complete the following courses before moving on to upper level math since most of our advanced courses require some combination of these as prerequisites.

  • Math 2185Linear Algebra I for Math Majors, or Math 2184: Linear Algebra I (see the Program Requirements)
  • Math 2971Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning


Here you can read brief descriptions of our post-calculus courses for math majors.