Dynamical Systems Seminar- “On the construction of a Minkowski number.”

Title: “On the construction of a Minkowski number.”
Speaker: Mathijs de Lepper, Utrecht University Netherlands
Date and Time: Friday, November 2, 9:00–10:15am
Place: Phillips 736

Abstract: Mathijs de Lepper, our visiting student from Utrecht University, will speak on the work that he has been doing with professor Robinson. During the past few weeks they have been working on his thesis: Constructing a ?-normal number.

"Though Borel proved in 1909 that almost all numbers are normal, there exists few explicit numbers of which normality has been proved. We explicitly construct a number using the Kepler tree and prove that it is normal with respect to the Minkowski Question Mark measure. In the talk, I will provide an intuitive and formal definition of (several types of) normality and give an outline of the proof."