Declaring a Major/Minor

Columbian College of Arts and Sciences Students

To declare a major or minor in mathematics, you will need to meet with one of the departmental advisors, at which time you will complete the Declaration of Major/Minor form.

Currently, the advisor is Professor Joe Bonin (Director of Undergraduate Studies). Please schedule a meeting by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected]. Please include a list of times when you are free to meet. While it is preferable to make an appointment so the advisor will be free of other obligations, you are welcome to just drop by during office hours.

You can find the math major requirements on the math department webpage as well as in the bulletin. When preparing the Plan of Study you may want to refer to our Course Rotation Plan, which should help you with long-range schedule planning.

Other Schools - Second Major/Secondary Field of Study (minor)

To declare a secondary major or a minor in mathematics you will need to bring a declaration form from your home school and meet with one of our departmental advisors (see the information on advisors above) to complete the form.

Note: students in the Columbian College, the School of Engineering, and the Elliott School may pursue a second major among these three schools. Secondary fields (minors) are available in all GW Schools. It is understood that requirements of the secondary major in mathematics do not include the General Education Requirements of Columbian College.

Information for Undergraduates

General Questions:

Professor Xiaofeng Ren
(202) 994-6791
[email protected]

Majors and Minors

Professor Joe Bonin
(202) 994-6273
[email protected]

Transfer Credit

Professor Hugo D. Junghenn
(202) 994-6236
[email protected]