At the introductory level we offer standard calculus courses for students interested in sciences (Math 1231, 1220-21), as well as courses for liberal arts students seeking to meet the general curriculum requirement in quantitative reasoning (Math 1007, 1009-10). We also offer two courses especially for School of Business students (Math 1051, 1252).

At the intermediate level we offer two calculus courses (Math 1232-33) that complete the standard three course sequence in calculus, linear algebra (Math 2184 and 2185), and an introduction to the fundamental abstract concepts of modern mathematics (Math 2971).

At the advanced level we offer a wide selection of courses for math majors and minors, including abstract algebra, real and complex analysis, topology, logic, set theory, combinatorics, number theory, differential equations, differential geometry, numerical analysis, financial mathematics, and mathematical modeling.


Here you can read brief descriptions of our post-calculus courses for math majors.