Centers & Institutes

Center for Quantum Computing, Information, Logic & Topology

The George Washington University's Center for Quantum Computing, Information, Logic, and Topology is a multi-disciplinary initiative bringing cutting-edge science and mathematics to GW. The primary mission of the Center is to add synergistic coherence to GW contributions toward advancing the subject of quantum computing. By promoting scholarship, collaboration, and dissemination via research volumes and articles, seminars, workshops and high profile conferences at GW, the Center provides leadership for the Washington area in the potentially transformative quantum computation and information theory. 

Institute for Mathematical Sciences

The purpose of the Institute is to link research and training opportunities in cutting-edge applications of mathematical sciences to areas with emerging needs for  mathematics. To serve as a hub for researchers with different backgrounds to communicate with each other on their work, to explore collaboration opportunities on inter-disciplinary research and training, to connect GW with outside leaders, and to increase the reputation of GW as a national research center in our capital. 

Director: Yongwu Rong, [email protected]