Advising for Mathematics Majors and Minors

We welcome and encourage all of our majors and minors to come each semester for advising. Among the forms of assistance available, we can:

  • help you monitor your progress towards satisfying the degree requirements,
  • outline a wise path through the courses you selected when you declared your major or minor,
  • advise you on modifying that selection of courses to reflect your evolving interests and strengths, and
  • help make sure that you will receive preparation for, and information about, possible careers or graduate study.

Currently, the advisor is Professor Joe Bonin (Director of Undergraduate Studies). Please schedule a meeting by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected]. Please include a list of times when you are free to meet. While it is preferable to make an appointment so the advisor will be free of other obligations, you are welcome to just drop by during office hours.